Wedding Photo Retouching

Looking for someone to retouch, airbrush or enhance the quality of your wedding photographs?

We offer a professional wedding photo editing service to arrange and beautify the pictures of your special day!

Opening bridesmaids’ eyes, removing people from scenes, cloning out distractions, tidying hair, removing a few pounds, de-cluttering hotel backgrounds, removing crumples from your wedding dress, airbrushing pimples or uneven makeup – these are only some of the ways in which we can edit your wedding photos; so your wedding album can finally reflect and match up to the amazing memories you have of your wedding day.

Wedding photo retouching has become something of a specialisation, as more and more brides, (and under pressure husbands!) get in touch with all manner of requests to edit or fix their wedding photos. Requests such as:

  • Adding or removing people
  • Fixing colour balance
  • Cosmetic Retouching & Body Sculpture
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Fixing exposure problems.

We love nothing more than bringing a big smile to the faces of the newly married with this wedding photo retouch service – it’s actually quite a rewarding process! When our clients first see the improvements we make to their wedding photographs and portraits, it gives us a great sense of job satisfaction to know that their wedding album or wedding photo book is now a source of pride and joy.

Contact us on +353 1 685 3946 or email a pic to for a free quotation.

Would just like to say how happy i was with my wedding photos! Peter was very professional and took his time to go through all my photos with me individually. He help pick out the best photos to work with. He was very particular and any requests i had, via email, he was quick to respond and deal with my all requests. My photos were airbrushed and retouched so that they still looked natural, but professional. I would highly recommend this company, for the professionalism, attention to detail and the finished results.Louise

Retouching & Image Editing Services for Wedding Photographers

We recognise that not every photographer enjoys the post production process.

“Our aim is to liberate Irish wedding photographers from the burden of assessing, editing and retouching the many hundreds of images captured during a typical wedding shoot.”

This service allows a wedding photographer to take on another job, or maybe just to spend a bit more quality time with their family, instead of being locked away beside a computer Photoshopping image after image, for days at a time. As professional retouchers with 13 years of photo retouching experience, we know that quality control and stylistic integrity are the most important things to any wedding photographer. It can be hard to trust another person to do as good, or even a better job than you might. But remember you are a photographer, your passion is for taking great pictures- not pushing a pen across a stylus, alone in a darkened room, with only coffee and Sigur Ros to keep you from madness!

We provide 4 types of services, tailored to meet the needs of today’s professional photographers.

  • Review & select –We edit an entire wedding shoot down to specified no of images, straightening & providing perspective correction if required, cropping images to the most pleasing context while maintaining frame proportions: 10c per image supplied plus 40c per image requested. (up to 200 images thereafter 20c per image)
  • Basic processing –This includes colour balancing, exposure adjustment, saturation adjustment & sharpening: 2e per image (up to 100 images thereafter 50c per image)
  • Skin retouching –Skin tone adjustments inc flash highlight removal, red eye removal, subtle airbrushing of the bride, sharpening at 50% scale: 4e per image (up to 100 images thereafter 2e per image)
  • Custom retouch –We can provide digital body sculpture (ie tucking, tidying and slimming mainly), cosmetic airbrushing (skin tones, lines and wrinkles, lips, eyes and neck mainly) person removal/ addition, and other technically challenging requests. Price on application.

Some wedding photographers don’t mind doing the edit and only use us when there’s a pic they need to make work, but don’t have the skills to do it in a cost-efficient way. Frequent requests would include adding and removing people from scenes, removing distracting elements and artifacts, doing eye and head transplants.

An Example: Simon shot 800 images at a wedding and really wasn’t looking forward to the post production… So he contacted us and asked us to edit and retouch the images for a wedding album that should contain the best 40 images that tell the story of the day. He provided some images from his previous work so we got a sense of his preferred visual style, and we set to work.

Three days later he was able to approve the pics in our online gallery, and download to arrange them in his wedding album software. The total cost was 336e, for stages 1 and 2 and 3, and he saved himself 16 hours of his own time- which meant he could take his kids to the Zoo on the Sunday, and take on another job on the Monday – where normally he would have missed out on both!

Some professional photographers have had bad experiences dealing with India-based photo editing agencies, however we are professional Irish retouchers with significant commercial experience in the pre-press environment, both with national newspaper groups and book publishers. Our promises are matched by our quality levels and our commitment to maintaining a high standard of customer service. We know in a market as small as Ireland, you can’t afford to have an unhappy customer…

Feel free to contact us on +353 1 685 3946, to arrange a visit to our studio and meet the talented team behind this service. Or if you’re still not convinced, why don’t you email us a troublesome pic to, we will do it for free just to show you what we are capable of!