Colour Correction

We have aided the production of a number of books, by providing image retouching and preflight checks.
Outsource your professional picture prepress work to us – we will save you money and add value to your publication, by improving the standard of images reproduced in your newspaper, magazine or book.

We can work with you in one of three ways:

  • remotely access to your existing colour workstation and operate it as if we were sitting in your office;
  • secure login to specific local network resources: allowing us to source and deliver the images, allowing you to retain your current production workflow;
  • ftp access.

Whether you use automated picture adjustment software from Agfa, or just rely on a local team member, the team of full-time colour correction and retouch artists at can be trusted to deliver the highest quality work, and turned around at speeds you wont believe.

Our work has appeared in Atlas’s, large formate coffee table books, sports books, national newspapers, billboards….