Photo Restoration

With our photo restoration skills we can rescue and restore old or damaged photographs and images. Being Photoshop experts you would hardly expect anything less, right?!

If the image source is non-digital, we prefer negatives rather than prints due to the extra detail that can be retrieved. However we can make a significant improvement on all images regardless of source.

There are numerous people offering photo restoration in Dublin, however few can match our abilities or attention to detail. That’s why we are trusted by businesses and companies, and unlike kiosk operators we are not reliant on passing trade or offering snap on printing services to supplement our revenues.

People send us old wedding photos to restore, other times its pictures of grandparents that we restore and enhance. A lot of times the photographs can be seriously damaged or even chewed to bits by a family pet (see below). With patience and the right technique significant improvements can be made to old photos, not just restoring them to their prior state, but improving them beyond the original through adding contrast or sharpening.

We work on fixing photos day in, day out, so we are well qualified to repair your old photos in a non destructive way. We can turn around a repair job inside a couple of days, and can offer brand new prints of your retouched photographs, in addition to a digital copy.