Airbrushing Studio

Airbrushing provides photo retouching, photo restoration & digital airbrushing to businesses & the public.

Home to some of the leading digital imaging specialists & colour correctors to the Irish pre-press industry, brings together photo retouch experts who have worked across multiple fields of visual media production- from fashion shoots with Dublin’s leading photographic agencies, to magazine production and product retailers.Our team of talented photo retouchers offer:
  • high quality image editing and picture processing services to wedding photographers;
  • cosmetic retouching and subtle photo airbrushing for headshots, business portraits and beauty shots to PR & HR agencies;
  • product cut outs & packshots to retailers, principally online sellers, fashion distributors & designers;
  • wedding album rescue packages for disappointed brides;
  • colour correction & high-end photo retouching & image editing services to Book Publishers, Newspress & Marketing & PR Agencies;
  • photo restoration services to historians, archivists and anyone who wants to preserve the past through digitally securing their visual heritage.
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